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HDEAA Fall Financial Meeting

HDEAA Fall Financial Meeting


The HDEAA Fall Financial  Meeting is held annually in October or November. (Article VI and Bylaw 1  of the HDEAA Constitution and Bylaws). We gather to discuss Union business and concerns. The Agenda includes, but is not limited to, the presentation of the proposed budget for the year, financial  reports from the Treasurer and other advisors including the Auditor, as well as a presentation of important issues to the Union by the President. The Constitution may be  amended at the Fall Financial by following Article XI of the Constitution. Bylaws may be adopted or amended at the Fall Financial through the process outlined in Article XII.


 All HDEAA Members-in-good standing may participate by:


  • approving the agenda,
  • receiving the annual budget
  • receiving and approving the reports as required, 
  • amending the Constitution and Bylaws, 
  • approving yearly the appointment of auditors 
  • transacting other business

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2021 Draft Fall Financial Minutes
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2021 Fall Financial Agenda
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