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Long Term Disability Insurance

As the Central Table Representative, EWAO became the coordinators for members in the new Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT) as the Government of Ontario transferred the provision of benefits to employees in the education sector from the School Boards to ELHTs managed through the Education Sector Unions

Long Term Disability Insurance – LTDI

HDEAA has also contracted with OTIP in an insurance policy for Long Term Disability. LTDI can be paid to a worker if an injury or illness has prevented a worker from working at least 60% of his/her assignment and the member has exhausted the 11 sick days and 120 consecutive short term disability days included in the central collective agreement. This policy is a contract entered into by HDEAA and OTIP and is unrelated to collective bargaining. Like all insurance policies, approval of a claim is not guaranteed. There are criteria which are required to be met for approval of the claim.

LTDI coverage is mandatory for all permanent members of HDEAA. Members of HDEAA pay monthly premiums through payroll deduction.

To access this insurance a HDEAA member must apply through the HDEAA office. There is no provision for members to apply directly to OTIP. Often, the first referral to begin the application process, comes from an Ability Specialist supporting an EA in a medical leave, to

notify HDEAA that the member is facing the possibility of exhausting their short term disability days. Please note, it takes time to process a claim. We encourage that the application process begin at least 8-12 weeks prior to the exhaustion of the paid sick/STD days.

Long Term Disability Insurance CA Article 18.08

LTD is for income replacement while on medical leave. HDEAA has a long-term disability policy for its members. Members within 12 weeks of the end of their STIP (sick days at 90% of pay) are encouraged to work with the Union office to apply for this support.

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