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“I don’t know where to find my pay stub, the pay schedule and who to talk to if there is a mistake. Is there anything else I need to think about for my money? What if I am a Permanent EA, an LTO or a Casual day-to-day supply? Are there any other money tips?"

Pay, Pay dates and all things money

  • HDSB Payroll Department is responsible for processing your pay
  • You are paid on a pay schedule outlined by the Board.

HB7 is the Permanent Payroll

HB9 is the Casual day-to-day and LTO Payroll

  • If you are a permanent EA, contact the payroll analyst responsible for the HB7 payroll at
  • If you are an LTO or a Casual day-to-day supply, contact the payroll analyst responsible for the HB9 payroll at
  • The Board posts ‘Pay Schedules’ on Myhdsb. These include a list of pay dates; days included in that pay including holidays; the date the payroll goes in and other useful information.
  • To see your pay schedule, open Myhdsb ‘click ‘’p ‘on the alphabet across the bottom of the screen and ‘click’ pay schedule

HB 9 ‘Click’ Casual if you are an LTO or a Casual staff

HB7 ‘Click’ HDEAA if you are a Permanent EA (LTO dates are included on this too!)

  • Permanent (HB7) Educational Assistants are paid up to date ie: when you are paid on a Friday, it is the pay up to and including that day.
  • This system means that the Board can accidentally pay for days that are not worked and will expect to be paid back. This is called a pay deduct.
  • The Board is not supposed to take money out of your bank account without notifying you first and if it is going to cause financial hardship to you, please call the Union for support arranging an equitable payment plan.
  • Casual and LTO (HB9) are paid 2 weeks in arrears. That is, when you are paid on a Friday, it is for two weeks up to and including the Friday 2 weeks before.
  • If you are a permanent part-time worker and you supply as well, you will be paid your permanent rate of pay for both. Pay will be paid up to date for the permanent work and 2 weeks in arrears for the casual work. (Tracking your pay can get tricky)
  • The last increase for EAs was 1% September 1st, 2021
  • HDEAA Pay grid movement occurs at the beginning of the school year.
  • Vacation rate increases for years of service occur Oct 1st of a school year (Article 17)

·      Two useful tips:

  • When you receive an OMERS disability waiver it is in your best interest to fill it out. You qualify for the waiver when you have been unable to work due to injury or illness for 5 months. You qualify whether you are still being paid by your sick bank or WSIB.
  • This waiver means OMERS is responsible for your pension contributions, not you. If you do not fill this out, you will be responsible to buy back service which is very costly or have your pension impacted. If you have received this document and have questions, contact us in the Union office.
  • If you are turning 65 in the next year, contact the office to receive the form to submit to the HDSB for 120 working days prior to your 65th birthday and you will be exempt from paying LTD premiums.
  • Approved expenses, like mileage, can now be directly deposited to your bank account that receives your pay
  • HDSB pay stubs are stored in the Boards ‘Human Resources Information system’(HRIS) which you can access through ‘Employee Self Service’(ESS)
  • T4s are uploaded to your ESS and accessible there. 2021 T-4s have been loaded to ESS
  • Look at your sick bank on ESS, click on absences. Your available sick bank is totalled in hours.

Abs is paid at 100%

STIP is paid at 90% .

  • However, also look at your top-up credits. Multiply that number by 10. That is the number of days that your stip will be paid at 100%
  • If you are absent from work due to a workplace injury, the HDSB pays full advances at 100% of your pay so there is no change to your pay due to being supported by WSIB.
  • EAs work 3.5 or 7 hours a day. Overtime, if it is agreed upon, is paid by lieu time. If you have worked beyond the expected work day and have questions, contact the Union office.

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