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Question 3

“I need to take a day off for personal reasons. What should I do? What if I am an LTO? Is it different"?

One Day Leave of Absence

Even for only 1 day off, there may be a different leave of absence to fit your needs. Please call or email the Union office to ask for help to make the best choice for your situation. The ‘right’ to be away from work with the Employer’s permission usually comes from a clause in our Collective Agreement with the HDSB or from Ontario Law. LTO’s are eligible for some, but not all, Collective Agreement leaves and are also eligible for some of the Ontario Employment Standards Act leaves.

Do I need to say what the personal day is for?

A personal day is a personal day. The level of information needed to have the day granted is different from person to person and situation to situation. If you have a question about what information to provide, call the Union office for insight.

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