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Question 4

How do I request to take a Personal Day off?

Requesting a paid personal day off (we have 1 paid personal day, and 2 unpaid)

There are 3 Steps :

  1. You need prior approval from your Principal/Supervisor
  2. You fill out the online Absence Approval Form (for HR approval only) found on under ‘I’d like to’ on the menu bar
  3. Through an email to the HR Manager for HDEAA or HR Analyst for HDEAA

From HDEAA’s Collective Agreement, there is a paid ‘personal’ day as well as "special situations" that also allow time off.

The Collective Agreement Personal Leave (1 paid day Article 14.03) allows this absence to be approved by the Principal or Supervisor. Best practice is to have permission in writing. If you ask for the day in conversation, follow this up with an email to the Admin to confirm the permission. If you ask by email, you have it in writing. Remember, this leave, technically, requires 3 days’ notice and a supply staff scheduled to replace you for the day you are away. There are black out dates for personal days in the CA.

What if my principal/supervisor doesn’t approve the personal day off?

The decision can be appealed to HR. Call the Union office for help with this.

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