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Question 5

What are some of the leaves that I am entitled to in the Collective Agreement?

Collective Agreement Leaves

  • Jury Duty or Subpoena (14.01) (HR Approval)
  • Personal Leave - 3 days/school year (1 paid - with principal/supervisor approval), 2 unpaid with HR Approval)) (Article 14.03)
  • Bereavement Leave ( up to 4 days for bereavement for an immediate Family member but does not need to be taken consecutively) or 1 day for the purpose of attending a funeral (no approval necessary to take in usual circumstances but HR has the right to ask for rationale and documentation)
  • Birth of a child ( up to 3 paid days to attend the birth of the employee’s child) (HR approval)
  • Writing Examination (1 paid day to attend the writing of your own post-secondary examination) (HR approval)
  • Attending Graduation (1 paid day/yr to attend post-secondary graduation of each of the employee’s children, spouse, parent or their own) HR Approval
  • Emergency Leave ( 1 day used for the sudden illness of a family member, practice allows use for family medical appointment) No pre-approval needed for use but notification to the Principal as soon as possible is expected.
  • Religious Holy Days ( 3 paid and 6 unpaid) for officially recognized Religious Holy days (HR approval)
  • Citizenship exam or Ceremony (up to 2 days Unpaid) HR approval

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