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We support HDEAA members as a whole and individually. We work provincially and locally to support and protect HDEAA members and improve your working conditions. We start with your questions, concerns, complaints, and frustrations. For your individual needs, please contact us so we may provide you with the unique support you may require:
Kezia Motluk:
Member protection and support with:
  • Attendance Management
  • Leaves of absence
  • Union contract concerns & grievances
  • HDSB, CAS and 3rd party Investigations
  • Employee meetings with Management including Discipline
  • Health and Safety – Work Refusals
  • LTD and WSIB appeals
  • All union related activities
Keri Powers
Member support with:
  • personal Illness, injury and workplace accommodation
  • Long-Term Disability application process
  • HDEAA website
  • New Hires
Jenn Reid:
Member protection and support with:
  • Health and Safety
  • Employee Incident Reports (EIRs)
  • Workplace Injury & Accommodation
  • WSIB
  • HEART Rep Coordinator

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