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A Guide to Work Related Terms

This booklet contains information, written and organized by HDEAA, specifically for EAs working at the HDSB. It contains definitions and explanations. We strive to keep the information accurate and up-to-date, so if you notice something missing, please tell us. The guide is organized like a dictionary, alphabetically by term. It includes symbols next to the entry to indicate who is involved with the specific term. It may be the Board, the Union, your supervisor or a combination. We also identify outside agencies, persons or groups. The final page is a listing of all the words defined in the document in case you are not sure of the specific term to look for.

The symbols help you consider who is involved

  • THE BOARD– the departments at the school board offices:
  • Your supervisor – (Principal, Vice Principal, Manager)
  • Your Union – HDEAA
  • Your Health and Safety Representative in the workplace
  • An outside agency such as Service Canada

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HDEAA's Guide to Work Related Terms
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