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Seniority List

An employee will be considered probationary and not be placed on a seniority list and shall not have any seniority rights hereunder until the employee has worked sixty (60) working days in a permanent position in a classification covered by the Collective Agreement.

Seniority of an employee shall be defined as length of uninterrupted service since the last date of hire with the Board.

At the end of the probationary period, the employee shall then be entitled to be placed on the seniority list and seniority shall date back to the day on which the employee commenced work as a Permanent Educational Assistant.

Seniority will be based on the hire date to a permanent position.

Effective September 1, 2016, in the event of a tie, seniority will be determined by:

• hire date to the bargaining unit

• hire date to the Board

• number of EA supply days worked for the Board

Seniority is used during allocation/location changes of members such as at surplus time, voluntary transfer, right of recall, during the transfer process, in a redundancy situation, and if there is an increase in allocation.

If  it has been deemed by the Board that the Permanent Educational Assistant allocation is to be decreased to the system, the least senior Educational Assistant(s) in the classification will be declared redundant and placed on the Redundancy List.

Please contact the union office to obtain your personal seniority number.

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